Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Felt Like It

The Sale of the Week each summer week at Twisted has diverted me from planned projects (The Traveling Sweater, the poor little Featherweight). Each week I am led to a new product by the urge to maximize my savings.
Two weeks ago the featured yarn was Crystal Palace Taos, a worsted weight with colors that evoke the skies and high desert of New Mexico. I bought 4 balls that provided me with exactly the yardage to make a felted hat.

This yarn felted beautifully and made such a pleasing design with the striping. I had yarn left and decided to make a little hat for myself.

The colors are more distinct in the stockinette than in felting. And to my amazement there is some yarn left over. That will be used in colder weather to knit a blanket for this handsome steed that arrived last week to the hitching post in front of my home. Now I feel very Portlandy to have been art-pony-installed. I do have to keep picking him up every time I am outside as he is not used to standing on grass.

1 comment:

  1. Love the pony. We finally edged (and by we, I mean I hired someone to do it) after 10 years, and I found the little ring for the hitching ring. But not the big ring itself. Maybe I need a verrrrry tiny pony out there.