Thursday, June 3, 2010

Too Sick to Knit

I really thought I was protected from viruses. I have all the security scans and firewalls that I am urged to have. So in mid-May I was shocked to find that my body had been invaded by a virus. The immediate sensation was like being hit by a sneaker wave. Then hit with lots of sticks. Then feeling hotter and hotter like those missionaries in the cannibal cauldrons with the water boiling. The virus was using my cells to make more of themselves, and my body was fighting back with pyrogens and phagocytes. I was left the limp, helpless bag of nutrients for all the combatants. We will not even discuss what I looked like at this stage. (But my doctor said "You look terrible!" which I thought I'd have her put in a note for anyone who wanted me to do anything that week).
It is a desperate time to be Too Sick to Knit. I have been back to knitting for about a week and will soon show you my progress on these projects. And if any of my friends get the flu I will now know not to say "Well at least you had some time to knit".

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  1. So sorry you've been sick! Now get well and get knitting!